Please note that 3Digify’s technology has been transferred to a partner and will exclusively be used for novel 3D-scanners in the future.

3Digify is not available for download anymore.

Highly precise & beautiful

3Digify uses active scanning methods for maximum precision and DSLR cameras for photorealistic colors.

 “Active” scanning systems emit light into the scene in a controlled way, for example stripe patterns. In contrast to “passive” systems, which use only cameras, they are capable of recovering small details in the submillimeter range. That’s why we use a projector! A comparison of an active and passive reconstruction is found here:

Flexible as never before

You can fully customize your scanner and determine its quality by yourself.

3Digify reconstructs 3D points per camera pixel. The higher the resolution and quality of your DSLR camera, the better the scanning results. The choice is up to you! Since 3Digify calibrates the hardware automatically, you can freely set up your scanner and even move the devices during acquisition.


3Digify offers excellent precision at unbeatable price. Choose the hardware and pay only for the software license.

A setup with entry level DSLR cameras for around 1500€ already yields a professional-grade 3D scanner that yields results of unmatched visual quality. You pay for the 3Digify software license on a fair subscription basis.

Output data

3Digify generates compact but highly detailed models that can easily be imported into 3rd party tools.


 3Digify computes a mesh in ply or obj format, along with texture- and normal maps. This is memory efficient, but still very detailed! Both size and degree of detail can be adopted to your needs. 3D scans can be printed or published online immediately.

Endless possibilities

3D content in e-commerce, documentation, virtual museums, reverse engineering, quality control, 3D-printing and more!

Our software can be applied in a wide set of application scenarios. Just think of it as taking a threedimenional image of an object. You could use it for presenting your products in 3D, documenting the state of an object, quality control, reverse engineering, and so forth. The possibilities are literally endless!

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3Digify is partially funded by the German Federal Government and the European Social Fund:

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