Note, that camera support is currently limited to Canon EOS. Support for Nikon DSLR cameras is experimental! See compatibility.

Before you Start

Before you dive into your first 3D scanning experience, please consider the following

  • Reserve some time to go through this tutorial. After scanning for a while you will get more familiar with the overall procedure and 3D scanning will be a smooth experience.
  • Before you start scanning, read about how to set up your scanner and which hardware is currently supported.
  • To faciliate your experience we prepared a number of videos. It is highly recommended to watch these videos before you start scanning your first object.
  • 3Digify will be constantly improved based on your feedback, so please provide feedback of your experience.


You can also download a captured dataset to test only the reconstruction pipeline. Currently we provide the following datasets:

Chinese Lion Figurine (3.5 GB)
Sweet Potatoe (770 MB)

Turn Targets

3Digify calibrates the scanner automatically and does not require a calibration procedure. However, for this to work properly it is required that the scanned object is well textured.

It is highly recommended to use the following targets during scanning for an increased robustness. This will help the calibration algorithm to automatically align all scans even for featureless objects and save you a lot of work.

How does it work?

  1. Download and print the targets in your desired size
  2. Position the object onto the center of the first target (Target: “1st Turn”, “Place object here”)
  3. During scanning, rotate both object and sheet together, e.g. to the 8 labeled positions on the target
  4. Whenever you flip the object (e.g. to capture its bottom), position it onto a new turn target (i.e. use target: “2nd Turn” or “3rd Turn”)
  5. Turn targets are just ordinary, well-textured images, feel free to print your own targets if you require more than three



Turn Targets (1 MB)

Your very first 3D Scan with 3Digify

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Scan a Whole Object with 3Digify

Show a textual description

Reconstruct a Whole Object with 3Digify


Best Practices and Pitfalls

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